Is your productivity costing you more? Then stop spending money on productivity!


Maintaining a productive work environment is about developing a modern process. Every single business defines process differently, and each organization needs the right technology and services from IT in place in order to maintain and encourage productivity. Reducing labor costs and Maximizing employee productivity is a topmost priority for all successful organizations.

Working hard won’t help compete with multi-million competitors because time is a limited commodity. Competitor can always simply spend more money, build a bigger team and spend a lot more time on the same project.

At that point why small startups achieved things that larger companies couldn’t? Facebook bought Instagram, a 13 employee organization for a billion dollars. Snapchat, a young startup with 25-30 employees is turning down offers from tech mammoths Facebook and Google. Some Part of their successes were based on luck -the rest is lay on efficiency.

One of the modern way to maximize the profits of your business is to cut down on the amount of money you lose. You may be investing in various ways to improve the productivity, however your losses still cut into your overall profits. When you identify these extensive areas of loss, you can find best ways to stop the bleeding and increase your earnings from the business.

Identifying your areas of loss will likewise make you a better business owner. You’ll make out how to maximize your profits today, and you’ll additionally learn how to increase your profits years down the road.


6 ways that your business may be losing money.

1. Lack of organized

Not being organized as a business will won’t just decrease your productivity, it will also likewise cause you to leak money at an disturbing rate. According to the survey conducted by Brother International in 2010 concluded that a week’s worth of hours is lost annually by employees trying to locate things they have misplaced either in their physical offices or cloud storage and email. As per the study, about $177 million in lost productivity every due to disorganization.

Keeping yourself organized can pay off big time. In case if you’re having a slow day at work, take that opportunity / time to organize yourself. Look through your working files, ensure that everything is being stored logically so that you’ll know where to look when you require something. Be careful about your process and how you are organizing them.

Take an ideal time to organize your work habits as well. It pays off to spend the first hour of your work day going through a checklist / to-do List of your work priorities and what it is that you need to accomplish on a every day, weekly and even monthly basis.


2. Inefficient Processes

Inefficient processes or procedures cost your business a lot of money. You should find your best customers as fast as possible. You’re marketing and advertising efforts cost money, so you have to find a return on your investments as earliest as possible. It could be one worker or an entire process that slows down your benefits. When you fix the inefficiencies, you’ll see your monetary losses will decrease.

Workflow helps you keep your business processes more productive and your endeavors will be more organized gratitude to workflow. Better organization always leads to better productivity. Better association dependably prompts better profitability.


3. Rapidly Investing on New Technology

In this time of technology there are such a many tools out there that can help you run your business. In the meantime, a considerable many of them are incredibly affordable, or at least appear to be when you are only looking at their month to month costs. As a business owner, it’s occasionally hard to resist purchasing a new tool or paying for a new service.

Experimenting out and using these services is fine, yet you need to be keeping tabs on them regularly and analyzing whether you are using them enough to justify the cost. It’s very easy to simply forget about the charges coming in every month.


4. Poor Accounting

At the point When working with a tight budget spending plan, small business owners are often inclined to try and do greater part of the accounting themselves. Sure, there’s lots of information available to you online and a lot of accounting assets and checklists you can use to streamline the process.


5. New Employee Hiring and Training

Businesses likely spends a lot of money to hire and train new employees or workers. A reliable staff makes a big difference in the productivity of your working environment as well as your image in the eyes of clients.


6. Do Remember Customers are People

Technology Innovation can help you achieve this important step in customer retention. You can enter important data about your customers in a system for later reference. You’ll get reminders or updates at least a week in advance of birthdays and holidays. You will be able to reach out to your clients in ways that other businesses lack. Your business will stop losing money once you start remembering your clients are people.



If you are committed to plugging these holes in your business that are losing you money consistently, you need to get serious about it. Approach the problem systematically. Keep better records of your expenses, investigate and analyze them to see whether the return on investment (ROI) makes senses, and make cuts when the ROI just doesn’t add up.

Investing in an task management system is an investment in your future to prevent losing track of time and wasting money. This task management is especially important for businesses, where every penny counts and a lack of financial diligence can literally sink your company before it even has a chance to succeed.

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